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It is a type of panel based on the FormLayout (JGoodies) that allows to make windows easily, without programming and quickly.

    The compontentes that the FormLayout has are:
  • Boton(Button)
  • They are simple bellboys whom they invoke to some Operation of the window.
  • CheckBox
  • They are components that have two states (activated, deactivated) and that the user can change.
  • ComboBox
  • They are component in which is a value, that is chosen between a list of possible values.
  • Etiqueta(Label)
  • It is a text that appears in the window but it cannot change the user to it.
  • Tabla(Table)
  • It is a component that shows a group of registries, formed by several fields, in tabular form (although they can be editable by the user, is not advisable which they change. It is better than the registry is selected, and soon it is published. The tables have in addition certain own functions, (like exporting, printing, etc..)
  • Field of texto(TextField)
  • It is a field where the user can write information.
  • Item
  • They are spaces that other panels contain.
  • Spinner
  • They are similar to the TextField but the changes are limited (for example, a number increases or only diminishes of one and one, or one date goes day to day).

  • xml Is the name of a file XML that contains the description of the panel, its components, their position, etc…

It accepts any number of panels and it is them locating according to the components "item" that there is in the definition of the panel.

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