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JRFramework is a set of programs and liberías that allows the development of corporative applications in Java of a simple and fast form.

The JRFramework is based on the description of the applications having used a file XML. For that reason, we have a program for the generation and edition of those files (the Modeller) and a ejecutador (the Runner). In production only the Runner is a program () and the different applications settle like a file jar

The JRFramework is based on the technologies and tendencies but outposts at this moment.
The description of the problem is based on Languages of Definition of Requirements like BPEL, but with certain improvements.
Aisla totally the definition of the problem, of its resolution, but the data of the definition are used totally in the development.
From the definition of the Applications the Documentation required by the systems can be generated.
He is independent of the technology used in the implementation of the services (EJB, WebServices, JDO…)
The impact of this technology in the clients is going to be similar to the produced one by the WebServices or the JÈE in the servants of Applications.

In the JRFramework diverse tools and bookstores of last generation have been used to fulfill the objectives of an efficient form.

  • Jakarta.Digester
  • Read file XML of simple and fast form.
  • Forms
  • JGoodies Is a bookstore to make windows of simple form.
  • BeanShell
  • It allows to execute I cosay java as if script outside. That is to say, as if our applications were Delphi, VisualBasic or PowerBuilder.
  • looks
  • JGoodies Is a bookstore with the "Look&Feel", Is to say with the appearance.

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