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The Plugins is a mechanism to increase the functionality of modeler without recompilar nor modifying the apliación.
The mechanism is as simple as to add to a subdirectory in the directory "plugins" of modeler. That directory must contain files xml that describe the content of plugin and how it settles in modeler.
With plugins we can add when modeler new components to the forms, new types of panels for ventans, new services and beans for the operations.

He is very simple, simply is derived from the class "com.application.widgets.form.FormItem" that already implements most of the methods. Soon "componentes.xml" is describedin the file and when opening the application will appear an eyelash (tab) in the publisher of forms with the components of this plugin.
In order to create one of the type FormItem, it is only necessary to implement a method 'toXML()' and to implement the method JComponent createComponent(Contexto ctx) that gives back to a component java of Swing. We must implement the interface with the context, that is to say, that takes from the context and that puts, and also ' listener' on which we listened. In order to see an example of how it works here we have a component example that shows a cake graph.
The components can be concerned of nobody libreria of Swing that exists since they are totally portable, is solely necessary to adapt the interface so that utilize contexto.

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