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A Panel is a group of graphical components that show data and request information.
There are several types of panels, some of them are formed by other panels like for example the SplitPanel (a panel formed by two panels) or the TabPanel (the folders, are each one of them a panel).
The panels can be programmed easily if some special functionality is necessary, but in general, the pre-defined ones can be used.
For the normal windows, the FormLayoutPanel that is a panel, easy can be used to define, that it allows a great flexibility, and with which we have a publisher who defines new panels without knowing java nor swing.
The components of the panels, Inter-actuan with the context, from which they take information and to which pass information.

  • className Is the name of the class that will implement the panel.
  • servletClassName Is the name of servlet that will implement east panel in the surroundings Web Will have to be defined like any other servlet (in web.xml, etc…)
  • name Is a name that identifies the panel. It is necessary if we want to put an edge with name, or if we want to put this one panel in a TabPanel, since this one name is the one that will appear in the eyelashes.

  • Panel the panels can have, as well, other panels like children. According to the panel class it is possible that he accepts one, two, several or ningun another panel. For that reason the first class is due to consult that implements it.
  • Property the panels can be formed with properties. The properties that accept depend on the class that implements the panel.

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