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It is an object in java. These objects make certain functions, and are called by the Operations. According to the type of application (2 levels, JÈE…) we will have beans or others.

These objects are not visible and depend on the implementation reason why in the phases of design they are not defined, and soon, when implementing the services usually group the functions in "bean" that it is called by different Operations and by different windows (whenever they are in the hierarchy, that is to say, that bean is defined in a window, but is even accessible to all his windows daughters).

  • name Is the name with which the Bean in the context will be identified.
  • classNameIs the name of the class that implements east Bean. It must have a public constructor without arguments.
  • initMethodIs the name of a method that is due to call despues of to have seteado the properties of runtime
  • destroyMethod Is the name of the method that is due to call when finishing with the window (to make BACK) or when finalizing a conversation.

  • Property beans can be formed with properties. The properties that accept depend on the class that implements bean.

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