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An operation can be a simple change of window, or can be the call to a service (business method).
The implementation of the operations depends on the application.

The operations can be invoked of different ways:

  • init will be invoked at the beginning of the screen, that is to say, when appearing the window. It can have several operations marked like ' init'.
  • exit will invoke when finalizing the window, that is to say, when doing ' BACK' or when we finalize a conversation
  • to toolbar Aparecera' a button in the bar of bellboys that will send this option. This one is the value by defect.
  • to onVar variable When changing of value the indicated variable sends the operation.
  • onExcep exception When taking place the indicated exception while the panels and actions of this window process themselves
  • button name From a button that is in some component of the window. What one becomes is to keep the operation in the context with the name ' I named and soon the component will send the operation.

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